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MXN $195.00

Bolay It is a jaguar that lives in the Chiapas jungle. From there he watches the people walking - women, men and boys and girls who left their countries of origin to seek to live in peace. Bolay He knows that he can do something for them, so he guides and accompanies them.

A very special story, full of hope and empathy. For boys and girls of all ages, written in verse and printed on indestructible material - feels like paper but won't tear, can be wet and washable, won't cut, and has no staples.

Written by Irma L Uribe and illustrated by Lourdes Villagómez and Minerva GM, in collaboration with the United Nations Agency for Refugees (UNHCR). As with all of our books, for every book we sell we give one equal to a disadvantaged family. In Bolay's case, these books are given to migrant and refugee children, as well as children who receive migrant and refugee families in their communities.

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